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Electronics Go

Electronics Go is an educational development initiative that was launched in 23, November, 2016 in Tishreen University, Latakia, Syria. It aims to spread scientific knowledge as well as to enrich the practical experience of college students and anyone who is interested_ concerning Electronics, Robotics, and Embedded systems through a series of workshops that starts with basic Electronics develop to professional stages of Embedded systems and Robotics.

These workshops improve the targets’ skills and provide them with the practical experience needed to turn their ideas into reality, to plan projects, and to enter the business market.

The initiative’s activities lasted for a year and a half in Tishreen University voluntarily during which the first Robot lab was established.

On the 1st of July, 2018, the initiative entered the business market and organized workshops in many Training Centres in Latakia.

Our Moto

“Learn Electronics from zero to pro.”

Our Team

Our group of volunteers are divided into these teams:

  • Trainers
  • Assistant trainers
  • Media team
  • Coordination team
  • Translation team
  • Scientific content creation team
  • website development team

Our Achievements

  • More than 45trainings until now.
  • More than 900 participants in two years.
  • Supervising many technical projects.
  • Training and qualification of trainers in the fields of Electronics and embedded systems.
  • Participation in the first Applied Faculty Exhibition, Tishreen University, Central Library, May 2017.

Our Vision

  • Developing the local community and the individuals.
  • Filling in the gap that those who are interested in this field face_ students of various Engineering faculties especially, to implement their projects and ideas.
  • Stimulating the youth’s innovation.
  • Contributing in developing the Arabic online content in technology.
  • Creating new job opportunities.
  • Qualifying local expertise to keep up with modern technology.

Our Activities

  1. Trainings
  • Introduction to Electronics.
  • Advanced Electronics.
  • Soldering and PCB Designing.
  • Embedded Control Systems Using Arduino, Level 1.
  • Embedded Control Systems Using Arduino, Level 2.
  • Mobile Robotics.
  • PIC Microcontroller.
  • AVR Microcontroller.
  1. Lectures on modern technologies.
  2. Supporting students of various Engineering specialties and providing consultations of implementations of technical projects.
  3. Translating and publishing articles, projects, and news on technology on the initiative’s website.