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About Us

An educational platform specialized in technology, launched in Syria in 2016. It aims to develop society by covering the most prominent scientific findings in the fields of: Industrial Control, Embedded Systems, and the Internet of Things, in addition to providing trainings that contribute to improving the skills of those interested in these areas.


  • Industrial Control. 
  • Electronics. 
  • Internet of Things .
  • Embedded Systems.
  • Robotics. 
  • Automation Technology.


  • Spreading the notion of continuous learning.
  • Spreading awareness and highlighting the importance of technology and its impact on our lives and future.
  • Keeping abreast of the frequency of technological development, and how to make use of it in our daily lives.
  • Achieving sustainable development goals by motivating young people to innovative and develop society.


  • Publishing specialized scientific content in Arabic.
  • Organizing scientific events and competitions, in addition to participating in them.
  • Providing professional training for those interested in these areas.
  • Providing consulting services and support for technical and industrial projects.
  • Equipping training laboratories for institutes and universities.


  • Taking initiative.
  • Sustainability.
  • Independence.
  • Scientific integrity.
  • Quality and innovation.
  • Cooperation.


A group of volunteers and trainers from several Arab countries divided into several teams, namely:


  • graphic Design team 
  • Website Team 
  • Team of Trainers
  • Translation Team 
  • Marketing and Social Media Team 
  • Scientific content creation Team

you can find more about our team members: here


  • A specialized site with more than 300 scientific articles
  • Training more than 1200 students and engineers.
  • Presenting more than 65 workshops and lectures.
  • Participating in local and international competitions.
  • Launching (HyperTech: annual virtual event).